Stiùidio Ostaig
Isle of Skye | An t-Eilean Sgitheanach




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Stiùidio Ostaig has been used over the last few years as a recording location for some of Scotland’s finest traditional music releases, including Dàimh (Hebridean Sessions, Tuneship, The Rough Bounds), Fras (Dìle), Ceilidh Shaw and Ross Martin (Birl-esque) and many others, as well as hosting production, rehearsal and tracking sessions for the likes of Niteworks, Mairearad Green and legends such as Fergie MacDonald and Christine Primrose.

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Spoken Word

We regularly work on spoken word projects here, particularly focussing on Gaelic language content. In the last few years we have produced audio for exams, language learning programmes, audiobooks, adverts, telephony systems and radio.

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AUDIO for picture

The studio has produced audio for various film, TV and animation projects for clients including the BBC, Young Films, Rollo Films and Cànan.